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  • Michael Nogalski, MD, Medical Director, Des Peres Square Surgery Center
  • Shonna Taylor, Business Office Manager
  • Trevor Vaughn, DO, Medical Director, Manchester Surgery Center
  • Debbie Wooten, RN, Administrator

Cosmetic Surgery

  • Herluf Lund, MD
  • Christian Prada, MD


  • Barry Abramson, MD
  • Robert Shuman, MD
  • Sajid Zafar, MD

General Surgery

  • Darin Minkin, DO
  • Matthew Ricks, DO


  • Laura Baalmann, MD
  • Shanon Forseter, MD
  • Daniel McNeive, MD
  • Blas√© Pignotti, MD
  • Laura Pignotti, MD


  • David Brigham, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Stephen Benz, MD
  • James Burke, MD
  • David Fagan, MD
  • Richard Hulsey, MD
  • Michael Nogalski, MD
  • Joseph Ritchie, MD


  • Perry Geistler, DPM
  • Allen Jacobs, DPM
  • Kara Kozlowski, DPM
  • Julia Partin, DPM
  • Vincent Sollecito, DPM